Box Assembly “Party”

Our club is planning to host a “box party” to help individuals put their new unassembled wooden ware together. Club members will be invited to bring their tools to help our new members and beginning beekeepers get their new equipment put together. Stay tuned for more info, as a date and further details become available.

Monthly Meetings

We will also be making temporary adjustments to how we hold our regular monthly club meetings. Due to ongoing COVID-19 and social distancing precautions, we altered how and when we have our monthly club meetings. After having some summer meetings out of doors, and having a few meetings online, we have tentatively begun having our meetings as regularly scheduled, in the lower conference room of the Clark County Courthouse. Remember to keep checking on your bees; once a week at least ideally during spring/summer/fall (temperatures need to be above 50F). Please call Chris Pearl, club president, to check in about meeting times, or if you have other questions (319-520-8138). Thank you for your patience as we try to facilitate meetings and communication during this challenging time!

Coming soon, Summer 2023!

Our neighboring club, Mississippi Valley Beekeepers Association, will be hosting the Illinois State Beekeeping Conference this year in Quincy, IL. This is a great opportunity to meet other local beekeepers, as well as hear great speakers on a variety of pertinent beekeeping topics!

Contact Info:
You can contact us with questions about our association, or beekeeping in general, by emailing our club president, Chris Pearl, at You may also contact Hannah Ewart at for questions about the website.

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