The NorthEast MO Beekeepers Association meets regularly (during normal circumstances) each month on the second Monday at 7PM in the lower conference room of the Clark County Courthouse (111 East Court St., Kahoka MO). All individuals, not just members, are welcome and invited to join us at our monthly meetings. Due to current concerns with the COVID-19 virus, we have had to rethink, and at times postpone, our monthly meetings. After a period of not meeting, and then meeting outdoors a few times, we have tentatively resumed meeting in the lower conference room of the Clark County Courthouse, as previously scheduled. We will try to keep updated posts on this website as to the specific details each month. You may also contact our club president, Chris Pearl with any questions by phone (319-520-8138).
New members are welcome to join the club at any time. Individuals may express their wish to join at one of the monthly meetings or beginning beekeeping classes, or by notifying our club treasurer and sending a check by mail to NEMOBA Treasurer, 10717 Hwy E, Wyaconda, MO 63474. Currently, our annual club dues are $15 per adult individual and $5 per student individual. Individuals are responsible, if they so wish, for registering and sending their own membership dues ($15) to the Missouri State Beekeepers Association (MSBA). The MSBA holds an annual statewide beekeepers conference(s), normally in the spring and/or fall, which provide numerous educational opportunities, vendor displays, and great networking and interaction with other beekeepers from across the state of Missouri. The MSBA also publishes a monthly newsletter which is sent to all its members via email, giving timely interesting articles and relevant information to Missouri’s beekeepers (included in the annual dues).

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